Tulsa University Paraffin Deposition Projects (TUPDP) is a cooperative industry-university research group supported by several oil and gas production, transmission, consulting, and service member companies from various countries. The group was formed in 1995 as a Joint Industry Project (JIP), to conduct applied research on paraffin deposition problems encountered by the member companies. The JIP format was changed to Consortium format in 2000 with a three-year revolving business plan or phase.

Research is supported by annual membership fees. The current three-year cycle (Phase V) started in April 2013. Currently, TUPDP has 11 members. The membership fee for Phase V is $195,000, or $65,000 per year.

Phase V Agreement for New Members

The next TUPDP three-year cycle (Phase VI) begins April 1, 2016. Membership fee for Phase VI remains at $195,000 or $65,000 per year. For technical specifics regarding research during Phase VI, please see the Phase VI scope of work.

Phase VI Letter of Agreement for New Members

For more information, please contact Kelley Friedberg.