Cem Sarica Director - Cem Sarica
Contact: (918) 631-5154; Email Dr. Sarica
Dr. Nagu Daraboina Associate Director - Nagu Daraboina
Contact: (918) 631-4135; Email Dr. Daraboina
Research Associate - Yingda Lu
Contact: Email Dr. Lu
Kelley Friedberg Senior Project Coordinator - Kelley Friedberg
Contact: (918) 631-5110; Email Kelley
Kelley Friedberg holds a BA in Languages and Literature from the University of Oklahoma and earned her MA in English at The University of Tulsa. Kelley is currently responsible for executive team planning and monitoring of various consortia and projects; preparing and monitoring all budgets; coordination of additional sub-projects; and planning all aspects of two Advisory Board meetings per consortium per year. She is the primary representative of all consortia to members. Kelley also is responsible for preparing business proposals to secure future research funding; preparing business reports for presentation to members; supervise the Project Assitant and part-time employees; assist in hiring of post-doctoral and other research associates, technicians, and other staff; oversee all consortia web presence; and editing of project proposals and reports, theses, dissertations and papers for publication in various industry journals.
Scott Graham Project Engineer - Scott Graham
Contact: (918) 631-5147; Email Scott
Research Technician - Craig Waldron
Contact: (918) 631-5131; Email Craig
Craig has 20 years experience working as a research technician in labs and pilot plants for Du Pont and Conoco prior to coming to work at The University of Tulsa in April 2001.
Don Harris Research Technician - Don Harris
Contact: (918) 631-2350; Email Don
  Research Assistant - Elijah Bell
Contact: Email Elijah
  Research Assistant - Niranjan Loganathan
Contact: Email Niranjan
  Research Assistant - Gabrial Meneses Santos
  Contact: Email Gabriel